1920 to 1960 Recordings

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1920 January 9th: Recording  of the Philharmonic String Quartet.

Frederick Holding (first violin), Samuel Kutcher (second violin), Raymond Jeremy (viola) and Cedric Sharpe (‘cello).


Minuet in D Minor: Vintage Sounds Youtube

Oriental (Opus 15): Vintage Sounds Youtube

1925. Vaughan Williams’ 1925 Vocalion recording of Old King Cole and the Wasp
Samuel Kutcher, violin (1st work); Aeolian Orchestra; the composer conducting.
The 1st work selections from a ballet; the 2nd from incidental music.
3 sound discs : analog, 78 rpm, mono. ; 12 in.
Vocalion: A-0247 – A-0249; matrix nos.: 04133X — 04135X, 04142X — 04144X
Record labels courtesy of Malcolm McMillan
Old King Cole



Digital recording courtesy of Malcolm McMillan

1925 Kutcher Quartet: Mozart Quartet 13 (Vienna No. 6) in D, Köchel 173, Chwialkowski 16.16 (1773).

Filler: Mozart: Quartet 14 in Eb, Köchel 387: Menuetto (Allegretto).Vocalion.K 05190/3   [7 sides].Chwialkowski 16.17: 2, Menuetto (Allegretto in the first edition) (1782). Kutcher Quartet.Eighth side of Mozart: Quartet 13 (Vienna No. 6) in D, K. 173. Vocalion.K 05190/3.
Members of the Kutcher String Quartet playing in this recording:
Samuel Kutcher (first violin), Kenneth Skeaping (second violin), Cecil Bonvalot (viola) , Edward J. Robinson: (cello)
Information only. No recording available.ACOUSTIC CHAMBER MUSIC SETS (1899-1926):A DISCOGRAPHY by Frank Forman

1925 recording by the Kutcher Quartet– String Quartet No. 16 in E flat K.428 – Menuetto by Mozart

(Filler for the 4th record above)Performers: Kutcher Quartet ; Samuel Kutcher (violin), Max Salpeter (violin), Raymond Jeremy, 1891-1969 (viola), John Barbirolli, 1899-1970 (cello)Original issue no:

Vocalion K 05193A1CD0209279 D1 BD2DUTTON LABORATORIES

This recording of Samuel’s can be found on the CD called ‘Glorious John’,  a celebration of Barbirolli’s musical career and can be obtained from The Barbirolli Society

 String Quartet in E flat K.428 – Menuetto by Mozart -3. Allegretto


1926.  Samuel Kutcher Violin with Stanley Chapple on Piano

04446 – Liebeslied by Kreisler
04447 – Poeme composed by Fibich, arrangement by Kubelik.


04448 – Slumber Song by Haydn Wood
04449 – Polichinelle Serenade by Kreisler


Recording on the Vocalion Label

Lieberslied by Kreisler


Poeme composed by Fibich

Slumber Song by Haydn Wood

Polichinelle Serenade by  Kreisler

Victor Carne (tenor)Vocalion London 1925-12 (w. piano: Berkeley Mason)

Serenata – Come back (Toselli), violin obligato S. Kutcher X-9726
04267 Parted (Tosti) X-9765
04268 Serenade (Raff), violin obligato S. Kutcher X-9765
04269 To Mary (M. V. White) X-9726


Victor Carne


1928  October. The London Chamber Orchestra. Christmas Concerto by Corelli conducted by Anthony Bernard. Brunswick Label. Matrix Numbers BR 112 1/0265 A, BR 113 2/0265 B, BB 114 3 /0266A, BR 115 2 /0266B.
It does not state that Samuel played on this record but during this period he was the Leader of the London Chamber Orchestra.





1st Record: Vivace-Grave-Allegro – 10265A


2nd Record: Adagio-Allegro-Adagio – 10265B


3rd Record: Vivace Allegro – 10266-A

4th Record: Pastoral – 10266-B

1929 31st December. The New Chamber Orchestra – Paul Juon Chamber Symphony, Op. 27


Charles Kreshover, conductor, S. Kutcher, violin; R. Jeremy, viola; C. Sharpe, cello; L. Goossens, oboe; G. W. Anderson, clarinet ; A . R. Newton, bassoon; A Thonger, horn; Rae Robertson, piano.National Gramophonic Society Discs No. 144-146, 6 sides.Pressed by Columbia.Musical Times article June 1st 1930

Record labels courtesy of Malcolm McMillan

Juon  Chamber  Symphony(a)


Juon  Chamber  Symphony (b)

Juon  Chamber  Symphony (c)

Juon  Chamber  Symphony (d)

 1929.  Kutcher String Quartet – Balfour Gardiner Quartet in B Flat – Electron X563 [2 sides]


 1929. The Brunswick cycle of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos under Anthony Bernard.


This recording was made by the London Chamber Orchestra, conductor Anthony Bernard, and issued in 1929. The soloists are Samuel Kutcher (violin), Walter Gieseking (piano), Frank Almgill (flute), Ernest Hall (trumpet), Frank Almgill (flute), Leon Goossens (oboe), Rudolph Dolmetsch (harpsichord), Brunswick 30137-38 (rec. 1928-29?).

Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F 


1929 Brandenburg Concerto no. 5, BWV 1050, D major

This recording was made by the London Chamber Orchestra, conductor Anthony Bernard, and issued in 1929. The soloists are Walter Gieseking (piano), Frank Almgill (flute) and Samuel Kutcher (violin).

Recording released on Brunswick; original issue number: 30144-A; matrix numbers: BA 125 – 4; BA 116 – 3; third movement only.

Disc label, side B; BRUNSWICK 30144; Bach Brandenberg Concerto no. 6, B flat major.

Brandeburg Concerto No. 5

Link to the British Library Sound Archives 

 The following are a set of recordings that were never released.  
1948 November 4th.  Kreisler: Praeludium and Allegro:


Samuel Kutcher violin, Alan Richardson piano.


 Kreisler: Praeludium  Part 1 


Kreisler: Praeludium  Part 2

 1948 November 4th. Mischa Elman: Sammartini – Canto Amoroso Sammartini:


Samuel Kutcher violin, Alan Richardson piano.


 Sammartini Elman: Canto amoroso


  1948 November 4th. Kreisler: Tartini Variations on a theme of Corelli.


Samuel Kutcher violin, Alan Richardson piano

Tartini Variations on a theme of Corelli – Listen on YouTube 
 1948 November 4th.  Gartner, Kreisler: Aus Wien.
Samuel Kutcher violin, Alan Richardson piano


 Gartner Kreisler: Aus Wien


1949 March 16th.  Prinz: Schema Eli:
Samuel Kutcher  violin,  Leonhard Prinz  piano


 Prinz: Schema Eli – Listen on YouTube
 1960s ? E. Harmsworth: Violin and cello duet in D.
Samuel Kutcher violin, Sharon McKinley cello.


 E. Harmsworth violin cello duet in D


 Date unknown Der Rebbe Lernt – violin solo by Samuel Kutcher, pianist unknown.


 Der Rebbe Lernt


You can also listen to these recordings at the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive

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