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October 29th, 2010

2012 – January – Charity concerts 1922 – 1948

2011 – November – 20th Century Music, Composers and Performers.  Samuel Kutcher  and the Kutcher String Quartet had a wide repetoire of classical pieces, but they were also  active supporting and promoting new ideas in music.

2011 – July – 1937 Interview with Samuel Kutcher in the Strad

Discography – Addition of a number of private recordings by Samuel made during the 1950s and 1960s

– More Flip books added to the Robert Mayer Concerts for Children 

2011 – May  1920 – 23 – more material on the Philharmonic String Quartet during 1921 and 1922

2011 – March – Premier of the Piano Quintet by Aloys Fleischmann, Performed by the Kutcher String Quartet with Tilly Fleischmann on Piano., April 28th 1939 at Clarence Hall, Imperial Hotel, Cork.

2011 – January – Ensembles  Samuel Kutcher played in between 1916-1940

2010 – December

1918      An invitation to play to Myra Hess

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1927-39 Promotional  Material for Samuel Kutcher and the Kutcher String Quartet.

2010 – November
Letter from Vocalion to Samuel 1926, detailing fees, royalties and choice of recordings.  Vocalion page

2010 – October
New page – 1925 to 1933 Robert Mayer Concerts for Children – Flip books of two 4 page brochures;  Photo gallery of Concert leaflets;   Article about Samuel Kutcher, leader of the Children’s orchestra; An extract from the Biography of Malcolm Sargent by Charles Reid.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I purchased a number of records from a charity shop in Chessington Surrey, one of which was an EMI “Private Recording”. Written in pen is the German title of the music- I am sorry to say I cannot clearly read the writing but may say “Der Rebbe Lerent” but what may be of interset to you is it clearly states violin solo by S.KUTCHER there is then a signature underneath that may be Peter Morris.It was this inscription that led to me purchasing the record for further research. This is how I came across your website. Reading your website it is clear to me that the record would be of much more importance to you than to me. I am not a dealer etc so If you would like the record then it is yours. If you live in London I could even drop it off to you at a mutually convenient time, if not we can work something out regarding postage. Regards, David Knight.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear David,

      That would be fantastic and really appreciate the offer. I actually live in the Netherlands at the moment and would gladly pay for any postage packing etc. and of course whatever you paid for the record. I have a bank account in the UK so I can do a direct bank transfer

      I’m still working through Samuel’s papers and discovering something new all the time, but a new recording would be wonderful.



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