1922 to 1948 Charity Concert perfomances

Samuel engaged in Charity concerts throughout his performing career. He clearly has sympathies with plight of Russians (see also the Concerts for the Society for Cultural Relations 1932 ) and he supported Jewish and Zionist charities. On the home front his charity works were directed mainly towards children to include the Y.M.C.A, hospitals and orphanages.

1922 Victims of the Russian Famine

1924 The Y.M.C.A Workings Boys Club
( The Times)



1924 Lodzer Young Men’s Benevolent Society 
(Jewish Guardian)

1927 Queen’s Charlotte Hospital
(Glasgow Herald)


1930 The Jewish Orphanage of West Norwood
(letter of thanks)
1931 September For the Benefit of the Widows and Orphans of the Clergy of the of the Dioscese of Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford 1931 October  Musicians Benevolent Fund
(Daily Telegraph)The Musician’s Benevolent Fund still exists today providing enormous help to musicians, and in fact gave urgently needed  financial assistance to Samuel in his retirement years. More on this at a later date.

1933 Queen’s Hospital for Children, Hackney

Letter from the organisers to the Kutcher String Quartet

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1937 The London Hospital 1938 The Beth Jacob Schools in Poland(Orthodox Jewish schools for girls – also known as Bais Yaakov)

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(assisting Jewish children coming from Central Europe)
Leaflet for the Concert for Refugee Children Letter from the organizers of the Concert for Refugee Children


1940 Concert in aid of Jewish women and children in Palestine Letter from the Women’s Zionist Society to the Kutcher String Quartet.

1948 The Y.M.C.A  Programme of the Y.M.C.A Concert




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