1917 to 1919 The War Years

1917 – 1919 Army Service WW1

Samuel Kutcher, Private 84125, enlisted in the Army on April 2nd 1917 and was posted to the 31st Middlesex Regiment. He became a member of the Middlesex Regimental Police for the duration of the War.


Middlesex Regimental Police WW1.
Samuel Kutcher standing on far left. 

Samuel Kutcher Middlesex Regimental Police WW1

Unknown WW1 Army  String Quartet with Samuel Kutcher standing on the right

A Portrait by Frederick Thurston of Samuel Kutcher

His war record indicated that he was not physically fit for military duty. From as early as 1915 he had suffered from neuritis (inflammation of peripheral nervous system) in his right arm, and had been unable to play the violin for a period of time.

The Army medical report went on to explain that he had “suffered recurring exacerbations of pain and loss of power in his right arm”. He was discharged from the Army in May 1919 for being physically unfit (even though the war had ended 6 months previously !)

During the War years despite his disability, he continued playing the violin  attending musical recitals in aid of various charities.


1918 May – Invitation to play to Myra Hess

Myra Hess was one of the foremost  British pianist in the 20th Century. Samuel was to perform with her on number of  occasions until (at least) 1940.

Dear Sam,

How very kind of Mrs. Ronaldo to have arranged a meeting between Mrs. Myra Hess and you, so that she can hear you play. I am asked to come some time in the afternoon as it is much better for you to play without much of an audience.

I advise you to take some good pieces besides the Bruch Concerto or  another (so that she can choose). I have promised Mrs. Ronaldo to take my Beethoven and Mozart Sonatas to her house tomorrow in case Mrs. Hess wants to form an idea of you(r) classical style, and I am not in doubt that you are good at it.

Well, I shall see you there on Saturday. You must also tell Mrs. Hess that you fiddle has cost the stupendous price of  £1 and that you get all that tone out of it.

With Kind Regards

Yours Sincerely

..  Rubens



The concert programme below at Luton Hall on May 11th 1918 was given by the 31st Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment. Although Samuel is not mentioned explicitly but it is highly likely, given his experience and training, he would have been a member of their String Orchestra.




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