1916 to 1940 Ensembles and Orchestras

Samuel was a member of a number of Ensembles during his performing days. He stopped collating press cuttings in 1936 and his collection of concert programs dwindles as 1940 approaches. Consequently the dates of when he stopped playing with the various Ensembles are not accurate, but are merely the year of the last archive reference available.

From To Ensembles 1916 to 1940 Notes
1916 ? Queen’s Hall Orchestra Henry Wood conductor, Samuel Kutcher first violin. (1)
1921 1922 The Philharmonic String Quartet Frederick Holding, Raymond Jeremy, Samuel Kutcher, Cedric Sharpe
1923 1933 Robert Mayer Orchestra for Children Samuel Kutcher leader.
1925 ? Aeolian Orchestra Recording of Vaughan Williams’ Old King Cole. See Discography
1925 1926 ? The Trio of Mr. Adolphe Hallis, Mr S. Kutcher and Miss May Mukle
1925 ? The London Piano Quartet Samuel Kutcher (violin), Mr. Harold Berly (viola), Mr John Barbirolli (violoncello) and Miss Ethel Bartlett (piano) (3)
1925 1938 (?) London Chamber Orchestra Postcard sent on the 10th July 1925 inviting Samuel to play with the London Chamber Orchestra as leader.


1926 – Front cover of the LCO Press Release

Anthony Bernard Conductor, Samuel Kutcher leader. (4)

1926 ? The Philharmonic Trio Samuel Kutcher, John Barbirolli, Ethel Bartlett (5)
1927 1930 ? The Kutcher String Trio


1927 – Samuel Kutcher, Edward Robinson (violoncello), Cecil Bonvalot (viola)1930 -Samuel Kutcher, Raymond Jeremy (viola) Douglas Cameron (violoncello) (8)
1929 1940

The Kutcher Trio

Samuel Kutcher, Cedric Sharpe (violin), and Reginald Paul (pianoforte). (6)
1930 1931 ? New Chamber Orchestra Conductor, Charles Kreshover, led by S. Kutcher (7)
1932 1935 ? London Philharmonic Orchestra
(playing for the Robert Mayer Concerts for Children)
Malcolm Sargent Conductor, Samuel Kutcher leader. (9)
1938 1940 ?

The London String Orchestra

Conductor Alan Busch, Samuel Kutcher leader (10)

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